OVAC Contacts for Role: Swimming

Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Barnesville
Bobbi Jo Johnson bjj425@sbcglobal.net
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Beaver Local
Maria Parfitt r.parfitt@comcast.net
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Bellaire
Kaye Sechrest ksechrest@bellairesd.org
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Bishop Donahue
Miranda Postle mclwife1998@yahoo.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Brooke
Rhonda Boley rboley@k12.wv.us
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Brooke
Gina Reitter gtwardoski@yahoo.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Cambridge
Carrie Winland carrieannweis@gmail.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | East Liverpool
Michele Davis mdavis@elcsd.k12.oh.us
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | East Richland Christian School
To Be Announced
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Edison
Gretchen Yanssens gretchen.yanssens@edisonwildcats.org
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | John Marshall
Liz Kaczor ekaczor@k12.wv.us
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Linsly
Bill Brubaker bbrubaker@linsly.org
Swimming | Linsly
Ed Garbash jegarbash@gmail.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Martins Ferry
Nicholas Levi NicholasRLevi@gmail.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Morgantown
Katrina Boley kboley@k12.wv.us
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Parkersburg South
Steve Lutz southswim@gmail.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | St. Clairsville
Ernie Banks ebanks0207@yahoo.com
Swimming (Boys) | St. John
Kim Schramm jkagschramm@comcast.net
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Steubenville
Wendy Tucker wtucker@scsohio.org
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Steubenville Catholic Central
Blaine Rogers swimcoachblaine@gmail.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Toronto
Matt Karaffa stickshaker@sbcglobal.net
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | University
Joanna White j.m.white@k12.wv.us
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Weir High
John McGowan jmcgowan@bethanywv.edu
Swimming | Wellsville
To Be Announced
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Wheeling Central Catholic
Jeani Humpe JHumpe@aol.com
Swimming (Girls/Boys) | Wheeling Park
Patrick Durkin pdurkin@k12.wv.us
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