OVAC Contacts for Role: Track

Track (Girls) | Barnesville
Mark Brown mark.brown@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Barnesville
Dylan Rogers dylan.rogers@omeresa.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | Beallsville
Tami Neiswonger tami.neiswonger@omeresa.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | Beaver Local
Joe Carr Joe.Carr@BeaverLocal.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Bellaire
Shawn Valloric shawn@bigreds.us
Track (Boys) | Bishop Donahue
Donnie Murray dmurray@bishopdonahue.org
Track (Girls) | Bishop Donahue
Donnie Murray dmurray@bishopdonahue.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Bridgeport
Don Cash, III donald.cash@ecoesc.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Brooke
Amanda Dimarzio amandadimarzio@hotmail.com
Track (Girls) | Buckeye Local
Diane McCracken diane.mccracken@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Buckeye Local
Wayne McCracken wmccrackan@erbelectric.com
Track (Girls/Boys) | Buckeye Trail
Toni Gallow Toni.gallow@eguernsey.k12.oh.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Caldwell
Dugan Hill dhill@caldwell.k12.oh.us
Track (Boys) | Cambridge
J. R. Fox jr.fox@omeresa.net
Track (Girls) | Cambridge
Tamara Gibson tamara.gibson@omeresa.net
Track (Girls) | Cameron
David Evans cdevans@frontiernet.net
Track (Boys) | Cameron
Tom Hart thart@marshallcountywv.org
Track (Girls) | Clay-Battelle
Ted Cline chtcline@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Clay-Battelle
Jamie Dalton jddalton@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Conotton Valley
To Be Announced
Track (Girls) | Conotton Valley
Chandra Myers chandra.myers@cvul.org
Track (Girls) | East Liverpool
Tonyea Roberts troberts@elcsd.k12.oh.us
Track (Boys) | East Liverpool
Scott Thornberry thorny27@comcast.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | East Richland Christian School
Adam Mitchell atmitch@comcast.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | Edison
Todd Smith todd.smith@edisonlocal.k12.oh.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Fort Frye
Bobbi Webb ff_bwebb@seovec.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Frontier
Adam Olson aolson@frontierlocalschools.com
Track (Girls) | Harrison Central
Nick Miller nmiller@hhcsd.org
Track (Boys) | Harrison Central
Luke Turner lturner@hhcsd.org
Track (Girls) | Hundred
Jessica Ferrell jnferrell@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Hundred
Sean Snedden ssnedden@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Indian Creek
Gene Ciciarelli eugene.ciciarelli@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | John Marshall
To Be Announced
Track (Girls) | John Marshall
Brett Wysocki bwysocki@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Linsly
James Cowart jcowart@linsly.org
Track (Girls) | Linsly
Carrie Ochap cochap@linsly.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Madonna
Marva Jeter marvajeter@yahoo.com
Track (Girls) | Magnolia
Steve Ross stross@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Magnolia
Nathan West nwest@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Martins Ferry
Rich Materkoski richard.materkoski@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Meadowbrook
John Epperson John.epperson@rollinghills.k12.oh.us
Track (Girls) | Meadowbrook
Brian Secrest bsecrest@cebridge.net
Track (Girls) | Monroe Central
April Parden april.parden@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Monroe Central
Derik Shirley Derik25@msn.com
Track (Girls) | Morgantown
Steven Blinco Blinco2003@yahoo.com
Track (Boys) | Morgantown
Frank Stancampiano fstancam@mix.wvu.edu
Track (Boys) | Oak Glen
Rance Everly raeverly@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Girls) | Oak Glen
Diane Wells dinkwells@yahoo.com
Track (Boys) | Paden City
Kimberly Huffman kim9001@frontier.com
Track (Girls) | Paden City
Jason Salva jsalva@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Parkersburg South
Steve Fox sgtfox@suddenlink.net
Track (Girls) | Parkersburg South
Shawn Shockey sshockey24@suddenlink.net
Track (Girls) | River
Bob Cicogna bob.cicogna@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | River
Mike Flannery mpfsports@gmail.com
Track (Girls) | Shadyside
Jenna Coyne jenna.johnson@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Shadyside
Michael Kernik michael.kernik@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | Shenandoah
Shannon Leasure shannon.bobo@omeresa.net
Track (Girls) | Shenandoah
Dave Milliken david.milliken@omeresa.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | St. Clairsville
Ben Frye ben.frye@omeresa.net
Track (Boys) | St. John
Jeremy Midei irishxc@comcast.net
Track (Girls) | St. John
Paul Xenakis xenos11@sbcglobal.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | Steubenville
Jason Kernahan jkernahan@scsohio.org
Track (Girls/Boys) | Steubenville Catholic Central
Rob Copeland rcopeland@steubenvillecatholiccentral.org
Track (Boys) | Toronto
John Parker parkjeff19@yahoo.com
Track (Girls) | Toronto
Bill Stone bill.stone@omeresa.net
Track (Girls/Boys) | Trinity Christian School
Lori DeVault ldevault@tcswv.org
Track (Girls) | Tyler Consolidated
J. C. Kimble jckimble@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Tyler Consolidated
Jill LeMasters jllemast@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Union Local
To Be Announced
Track (Girls) | University
Dan Demchak dldemchak@comcast.net
Track (Boys) | University
Ed Frohnapfel edfrohnae@aol.com
Track (Girls) | Valley
Debbie Kocher debekocher@yahoo.com
Track (Boys) | Valley
Leslie Lively bug4222@yahoo.com
Track (Girls) | Weir High
Jeff Lewis jelewis@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Boys) | Weir High
Rick Stead rstead4@comcast.net
Track (Boys) | Wellsville
Randy Thrasher rthrasher59@yahoo.com
Track (Girls) | Wellsville
Mary Wilson bthompson@wellsville.k12.oh.us
Track (Girls/Boys) | Wheeling Central Catholic
Eric Belancic eric@wkkx.com
Track (Boys) | Wheeling Park
Drew Beihl dbeihl@access.k12.wv.us
Track (Girls) | Wheeling Park
Russell Hutchins hutchins56@yahoo.com
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