History of the OVAC

The Ohio Valley Athletic Conference was organized in 1943 with F.W. Bowen, J.E. Ewing, J.C. Greer, M.S. Hattala, B.G. Lockhart, J.V. Nelson, C. Petty, C.F. Walker, and C.S. Wiseman among those responsible for its basic conception. Mr. C.S. Wiseman became the Conference's first President.

A demand arose in 1943 for a Conference which would help stimulate and promote a more lucrative program of competitive high school athletics in the upper Ohio Valley.

Today, the OVAC is the largest and most functional high school Conference of its kind in the United States. A total of 46 schools supply the upper Ohio Valley with over 12,000 athletes in the various competitive athletic areas.

It is the basic objective of the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference to continue the promotion of all high school athletics and to serve in the overall development of proper school relationship, scholarship, and sportsmanship within the Conference.

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